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Patios Brisbane

The patio is the perfect setting for entertaining and enjoying the outdoors. It’s where you can kick back with friends and family, or even just take a solitary moment to enjoy a cup of tea. With the right furniture and decor, your Patios Brisbane can be more than just an outdoor space: it can be an extension of your home that’s as inviting as any other room in your house. Here are some tips for making it even better!

  1. Add a bit of drama by painting the floor

This is a cheap and easy way to add some flair to your patio space. It’s also not permanent, so if you decide that you don’t like it, you can always go back to the original flooring in no time at all! This is an especially great idea for those who prefer not to have carpets on their patios because of the extra heat they trap during summer months (or just because it’s warm). Just make sure that whatever fabric or rug you choose has been designed specifically for outdoor use before applying any kind of paint onto it!

  1. Create privacy

If you want privacy, consider planting vines. Vines are great for creating a curtain-like effect, and they can be used in many different ways: you can plant them on walls or fences, decorate your patio with them, or even grow them up an arbor. Some vines that work well in the patio include:

  • Creeping fig (Ficus pumila)
  • Boston ivy (Parthenocissus tricuspidata)
  • Grapevines (Vitis spp.)
  • Virginia creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)
  1. Add some texture with plants

Adding plants to your patio is a great way to add texture and create privacy. The right plant placement can also help block out noise, which may be a welcome addition if you’re trying to enjoy that outdoor space by yourself. Planting your own vegetables will give you an even better reason to spend time in the garden—and it’s a fun activity for the whole family!`

  1. Add some lighting

The fourth way you can level up your patio is with lighting. Lighting is a great tool for creating a mood, focal point, sense of space and privacy. It’s also a wonderful way to add drama to the space. When done well, lighting can turn even the most boring patio into something really special!

You may want to consider using different types of lighting depending on what you want to achieve in your patio design. For example:

  • Downlights will cast light onto surfaces such as walls or floors below. They’re great for creating focal points around which you can build other elements like furniture or plants – but they’re not so good at highlighting vertical features like walls and trees because they don’t quite reach high enough (plus they tend not to provide much ambient light).
  • Wall sconces are better suited than downlights if you want more ambient illumination throughout an area – although they only work very well when mounted high up on walls where ceilings aren’t too low (otherwise there won’t be enough clearance). Sconces are also good at highlighting vertical features because their light rays spread outwards from their source point rather than simply shooting downwards like downlights do!
  1. Bring the indoors out

If you want to make your patio feel like an extension of your home, consider adding some elements from inside. Think about how you can use colour and texture to bring a little drama to your space. You can also add privacy by creating a barrier between the outside and inside of your house for those times when you want to keep things cozy (especially if there’s a pool nearby). Add some plants—you don’t have to go overboard with them, but just enough so that they provide some texture and warmth in the wintertime. 

Patios Brisbane


If you are looking for a new way to add more life to your Patios Brisbane, look no further! These five tips will help turn it into an amazing space for entertaining guests and relaxing with family.