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4 Mistakes You might be making with Mens Skin Care Routine

Men think that skincare is for girls only, but the truth is they need it too. 

Even if you are following a mens skin care routine, many mistakes are there that you might be making. 

What are these mistakes, let’s find out.  

Mistake #1: No Sunscreen 

Many men think that their skin doesn’t need any sunscreen. Almost 14% of the men use sunscreen and others believe that their skin will not be damaged by sun rays. If you are one of them, it’s time to clear the things out. 

Using SPF 15 or more shows less aging signs than the people who don’t use it at all. As per the study from Annals of International Medicine, 86% of Melanoma and 90% of Non-melanoma skin cancer disease occurs because of UV rays. Therefore, using sunscreen is a must whenever you are going out. 

There are many sunscreens out there as per the skin type and conditions. You can choose any of these sunscreens and keep yourself protected.  

Use sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you leave your home and apply a thick layer of it. Apply sunscreen on your face, and every exposed area of your body including ears. 

Mistake #2: Not Moisturising Properly 

Using sunscreen isn’t just enough. Preparing your skin for the day is important and that can be done with the right moisturiser. When it comes to Skin Care For Men, applying moisturiser is the major step. Wrinkles and fine lines appear when the skin is not moisturised enough. The dry areas start to lose elasticity and collagen. As a result, you start looking older than your age.  

But before you even apply any random moisturiser on your face, it’s crucial to find out your skin type. 

Matte skin means your skin is dry and needs an oil-based moisturiser. 

Shiny skin means you have oily skin type and you need oil-free products. 

Combinational or normal skin require moisturisers that are the combination of both. 

You can also go with moisturisers that comes with SPF or Sun Protection Formula.  

Mens Skin Care

Mistake #3: Overlooking Acne 

Most of the men face acne and only 40% of men handle it. Acne is the result of dirt, bacteria, and clogged pores. If you are over 20 and still have an acne issue, it’s crucial to treat them. 

To handle acne better, use a deep pores cleaner face wash along with an effective exfoliator. Exfoliate your skin regularly and use deep pore cleansing facewash twice a day. Try salicylic acid-based products that help to lower break-outs.      

Mistake #4: Not Dealing with Body Hair Properly 

Trimmers and razors are the easiest and quickest ways to remove body hair. But, these can leave your skin dry, burns, and acne-prone. That’s why it is suggested to moisturise your skin after removing hair. If you will leave your skin as it is after the hair removal, it will become rough and lead to painful acne or dryness. 

Also, remove hair of proper length so that it doesn’t irritate you.  

So don’t make the above mistakes and follow a proper & useful mens skincare routine. 


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