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bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula

5 Reasons to Include a Double Vanity in Your Next Bathroom Renovation!

bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your home, and if you’re planning on renovating, it should definitely be one of the first rooms you look at! Not only does it allow you to have privacy when using the bathroom, but it also saves time if you have a double vanity. If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, it might be worth considering including a double vanity in your next renovation project!

1) Beautiful Decor Element

A double vanity is one of those elements that can turn an ordinary bathroom into something truly beautiful. With two sinks, you have twice as much counter space and enough room for both you and your partner (or whoever else will be using your bathroom) to get ready at once. This creates an aesthetic that makes you feel like royalty. It’s hard not to feel good about yourself when your bathroom has such beauty.

2) Its main purpose is to store beauty products

You will always have multiple things you need for your beauty regime at hand. No matter if it is oil, lotion or toothpaste: You can store it in a double vanity bathroom and easily reach everything. This way, you are always prepared for the day’s needs – morning or evening – and you will stay organized no matter what. That’s another reason why double vanities should be part of your bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula wide.

3) Increased Home Value

Adding a second bathroom can not only make your home more functional, but it can also increase its value by thousands of dollars. The majority of buyers are looking for at least one bathroom when buying a new home. If you’re planning on selling soon, consider adding an additional bathroom to give your property some extra appeal. In fact, research shows that homes with two bathrooms sell faster and for more money than those with just one. So if you plan on staying put, it might be worth spending a little extra now to save later—and have more space as well!

4) It allows more storage than single vanities

This is especially true if you’re doing bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula wide. By having two side-by-side vanities, you increase your storage space without taking up more floor space—which is always at a premium in bathrooms. It creates better lighting: A second mirror means your bathroom can have extra light, which means more illumination and higher visibility. Also, double vanities typically allow for longer countertops than single ones do—which means you have more room for storage and even mirrors.

bathroom renovations Mornington Peninsula

5) Improved Aesthetics in Bathroom

It is of extreme importance when designing your bathroom renovation Mornington Peninsula wide that you also consider aesthetics. By including two vanities with mirrors, there will be improved visual appeal for all your visitors. In addition, it could result in increased resale value should you ever decide to sell your home. You’ll want potential buyers to feel comfortable during their visits so that they can envision themselves living there long-term and paying top dollar for it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re renovating your bathroom, why not go all out? This project will take some time and planning, but if you choose your materials wisely and hire professionals, you’ll be happy with your results. A great way to enjoy your new space is by making sure it’s both practical and fashionable at once. The goal of any bathroom renovation should be functionality first—but that doesn’t mean aesthetics have no place.