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5 Unique Ideas To Include In Your Workplace Wellbeing Program

Organisations constantly look for competitive ways to attract and retain top industry talent. Employee retention is equally important as hiring, ensuring consistent efficiency and productivity.

Employee benefits are among the best tools companies use to achieve higher retention rates. Employers build a workplace wellbeing program dedicated to putting employee wellness at the centre place.

While financial incentives are the most common element every company uses, there are also some other ways you can make your program unique. Let’s see in detail:

Health Risk Assessments/Screenings

What else can beat health wellness initiatives? When your employees are fit and healthy, they will automatically deliver the best outcomes possible.

Sugar level, blood pressure, and cholesterol – are some most common indicators of health issues which can be addressed immediately. So, you should arrange onsite assessments and basic screenings for your workforce.

Regular screenings will help identify your employees’ potential health risks and encourage them to be healthy and fit.

Group Workouts

Desk jobs tend to be sedentary and don’t easily allow spare time for workouts. So, why don’t you arrange workouts during work time?

You can consult a professional trainer and create a fitness calendar for the workplace. You can arrange yoga, Zumba, kickboxing, body sculpting, and much more.

Workout sessions will make your employees active in work, and you can enhance your employer brand by showcasing the sessions on social media platforms.

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Happy Hours

During work hours, your employees hardly get time to bond and interact with each other. So, you must include happy hours in your workplace wellbeing program to arrange teambuilding activities.

You can set a cross-department meet and greet, dinner, short games, trips, and more. This way, employees will get to know each other better.

Happy hours will give employees a message that the company is focusing on business success and centralising their personal well-being.

Encourage Walking Meetings

Office meetings are very sedentary and require much time sitting down. Thus, makes are often boring and stressful, but there is one way to make them easy and stress-free.

You can arrange walking meetings with your team members to help them introduce ideas creatively. Many studies prove that walking increases blood flow to the brain, and thus, your employees will express their ideas more fluently.

This idea works best for one-on-one meetings; you can develop strong relations with your team through it.

Offer Mental Health Resources

Work stress often creates mental health disturbance in employees, and you should arrange therapies for them. But offering them mental health resources is also a good idea if you are low on budget.

You can gift meditation guides, fitness app subscriptions, and free talk sessions to the staff. It will reduce employees’ stress and help them pay full attention to work.

And prioritising staff’s mental health makes them feel valued at work, so they will give their best to ensure business success.


Employee wellness initiatives are crucial for the workforce and the company’s success. They bring all the essential components together to achieve the determined target.

By including these ideas in your workplace wellbeing program, you can communicate that you care about your staff and give them a more balanced lifestyle.