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6 Famous Myths about Defibrillator Everyone should know

Are you going for a defibrillator for sale? If yes, you should make things clear in your head before even using it.

The following are the few myths that we have busted for you.

Buy Defibrillator Australia

  1. Only Medical Professional Person can use Defibrillator

No. Anyone can use the defibrillator by following the given instructions. However, you might need to have proper training of CPR as you need to give it side by side following the defibrillator process. The audio and visual guide of the defibrillator helps you to rescue a person who is having a cardiac arrest. This is the right way to save a life by giving the right treatment on time before the help arrives.

  1. It’s Harmful to Deliver CPR & Using Defibrillator

CPR indeed involves a lot of pressure and force on the chest. A person might get bruises or even broken ribs with CPR, but they get recover easily. Here’s a point to consider that cardiac arrest is fatal and a person can be saved with defibrillator & CPR before the medical help arrives.

Defibrillator analyse heart rhythm and then used the gathered information to give a shock. The shock is provided only in worst-case scenarios otherwise CPR is enough to save the person when indicated by the machine.

Therefore, using CPR during defibrillator is not going to do any contagious harm.

  1. The User might get a shock as well while using a defibrillator

The defibrillator delivers shock only if the heart rhythm is abnormal. Users do not receive any shock as their heartbeat is normal. Also, the user has to follow the instructions of the machine and is informed when to touch and not to touch the patient. Therefore, the user can’t get shocked while using a defibrillator machine.

  1. There’s 100% Success Recovery with Defibrillator

Well, it completely depends on the condition of the patient and how quickly the treatment has been provided. However, 6% to74% survival chances can be increased of a person if they get CPR & defibrillating treatment within 3-5 minutes after the cardiac arrest. In the same way, a patient loses 10% of chances of survival every minute the treatment is delayed.

  1. Paramedics Arrive before you even get to use the Defibrillator

Without instant treatment, a cardiac arrest can get fatal 90%-95%. It takes approximately 11 minutes to reach the patient in urban areas. However, if the incident happens just near the hospital or medical facility, you can get instant help and you might not even have to use the defibrillator. Therefore, it depends on the distance between the healthcare centre and the patient.

  1. Some Defibrillator Facts

Having a deep knowledge of defibrillator before using it is the key to success. This will ensure that you are aware of the fact that how you are going to save a life. When you are carrying a defibrillator with you, make sure that you know how to use the equipment and save lives with it.

So pick the best Defibrillator For Sale Australia and save lives.