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Mousi Painting Melbourne

7 Pro Tips for Durable Mousi Painting at Home

Do you want to keep your walls new forever? Follow the listed tips for Mousi Painting Melbourne:

  1. Dust the Walls

Your walls can easily get dust build-ups. Sometimes you can’t even notice one but still, there are dust particles. All you need is a microfiber cloth to remove a thin layer of dust. You can also use vacuum cleaner along with a soft brush to remove the dust. You don’t have to remove the wall painting or furniture from the wall. Just use any of the mentioned methods and your wall will be cleaned.  However, you can go for deep dusting once in a month to ensure that there’s no build-up at any part of the wall.

  1. Wash Bathroom & Kitchen Walls more often

You might have not noticed it but daily cooking and bathing make your wall paint dull. Whenever you cook, the food and oil residue stick to the wall surface and can even make the walls fade. In the bathroom, whenever you take a bath the steam from hot water or droplets of water can make the walls to get stained. Water can even remove some of the paint after a few months. So ensure to wash the walls of both areas and dry them out with a dry cloth.

  1. DIY Wall Washing Soap

You never know which type of chemicals is added to the market wall soap. Therefore, it’s suggested to make your soap with a simple recipe.

Just mix 2 tsps of dishwasher liquid and 1 cup of borax in 1 gallon of warm water


Mix 1 tsp of dishwashing liquid and 1 cup of ammonia in 1 gallon of water

You can simply apply this on your wall with the help of cloth and clean it.

  1. Clean High-Traffic Areas

It’s crucial to wash the high-traffic areas as the more people pass or stay in the area the more likely it is to get dirty. Places such as switchboard must be cleaned regularly as you never know what has been sticking on the hand of a person and you might already have noticed your switchboard getting darker day by day. So make sure to clean the switchboard. Also, you need to clean the walls as the dust can ruin your paint and the passage of many people can make it dirty. Regular dusting and cleaning will keep your walls as new as it should be.

  1. Seal the Lead Paint

Paints used to contain a high quantity of lead until 1978. Besides, many companies are adding lead to the paint to cut the cost and charge you high. You can take a chip of paint and send it to the local lab to identify whether or not your wall paint contains lead. If it does, cover it with a double coat of high-quality paint. This will seal the lead and you and your family will be safe from the dangerous chemical.

  1. Do a Little Touch-up

You can keep the paint look fresh for years by addressing the damages. Sand and touch up chipped or scrapped paint surface. You can even feather the paint around such areas and make it last for months. But, you need to fill the holes first and coat stains before pursuing the touch-up.  In case there’s a leakage in your building or wall, treat it first and then go ahead with the touch-up. However, hiring professional Painters St Kilda for this job is the right decision to make.

  1. Match your paint colour on Computer

A leak damages the corners of the ceiling and a few parts of the walls. In this situation, you don’t need to paint the entire wall; in fact, covering a few areas of the wall with paint is enough. You can match the colour of the wall on your computer or use a computerised matching machine for suitable results. You can even ask professionals for a computerised colour matching device as well.

So go ahead and use these amazing tips for your Painter Port Melbourne