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The contractors and property managers that we have worked with over the years have made a lot of mistakes when hiring a Skip bin Adelaide. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t know what they were doing, but other times they just weren’t thinking of the consequences. We thought we would share some of these common mistakes so that you can avoid them yourself:

Choosing the wrong bin size

Choosing the wrong bin size can cause problems later. If you hire Skip bins hire Adelaide that is too large, it could be very expensive to hire. If you don’t use all of the space in your bin then you will have wasted money. Hiring a skip bin that is too small can also be dangerous if there isn’t enough room for all of your rubbish and debris. You may not realise this until after the skip has been collected, so it’s important to think carefully about what type of waste will be put into it beforehand.

If you’re unsure which size of skip bin to hire, contact us or another reputable company who can help advise on what would suit your home best!

Not considering accessibility

We often hear from customers who have had trouble getting their skip bins to their property. This can be a major problem if you’re using a small driveway, for example, and want to make sure you don’t block your neighbour’s car.

There are some situations where it may not be possible for us to get the bin into position with enough space around it for them to do so safely (for example: if there are trees that need trimming). In this case we will contact you prior to delivery and discuss options with you as well as offer advice on what might work best in these circumstances so please do get in touch if something like this arises!

Skip bin Adelaide

 Not having a permit from local council

The first thing you should do when hiring a skip bin is to get a permit from your local council. This will ensure that the skip bin does not need to be left on the road or in the street for too long, and ensures that it doesn’t cause any damage to surrounding property or inconvenience other members of the community.

Doing this can be done in person at the council office, but there is also an online portal where you can apply for a permit before hiring your skip bin. 

Filling the skip bin with prohibited materials

  • Don’t put hazardous materials in the skip bin.
  • Don’t put food waste in the skip bin.
  • Don’t put construction waste in the skip bin.
  • Don’t put any materials that are not allowed, or items that may be more appropriate for other types of disposal services, such as: commercial rubbish collection; rubble removal; green waste recycling; scrap metal recycling; asbestos removal and disposal; furniture removal & disposal.


I hope this article has given you some insight into how to hire a skip bin. If you are interested in hiring a Skip bins hire adelaide for your next job, please contact the experts today and they will help you find the best option for your needs.