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Here is Everything You Need to Know About SEO Canonicalization

It’s no secret now that SEO is a process to improve website ranking and gain more traffic. The outcome you will have after following SEO tactics indicate your efforts to understand Google or any other search engine with a purpose to increase website traffic. When we talk about today, almost every search engines use SEO tactics to favour visitors and force website owners to approach the best seo company Canberra to improve their website quality.

But here, the question arises, what will you do if the link to your website showcases the content that any other website has? In short, what will you do if another website has the same content as yours?

However, SEO aspects like Meta tags, link building, heading, and so on are simple compare to SEO’s Canonicalization on which we are going to talk about today.

Canonicalization in SEO plays an important role in how search engines figure out the quality of web pages. Basically, it is the term used to describe the website content that has one or more than one URL.

Let’s understand it properly. See, what the best digital marketing agency Canberra says about it.

We’ll have an example to understand it exactly.


Let’s suppose, your eCommerce store is selling clothes in various colours. Each of the categories of clothes has their own pages with filter options of pricing, descriptions, brands, and materials which could be the same as all colours. If you have 10 different colours for the same cloth category, there would be 10 pages with identical content. Now, suppose you sell a heap of such clothes in 10 different colours. In this case, there will remain chances of content duplication which may affect your website’s progress on the web.

What could be the escape in such a situation? Canonicalization is there to improve your website progress in such condition.

Canonicalization – An HTML link tag with attribute (rel=canonical) which is the marker between duplicate content and preferred content. It indicates the source URL which indicates the original page content of any specific page to search engine. It is basically a method of informing search engine that any particular page or URL is the authentic and original content source.

Importance of Canonicalization

Website owners that are concerned about their progress, would never overlook the importance of canonicalization. Google or any other search engines don’t like duplicate content – this is the fact. This is the reason, it’s been said – “content is king”. Duplicate content makes it difficult for search engines to select which version of the web page to index or which URL to select for relevant queries. Duplicate content can literally lower your website’s ranking or even remove your website from all search queries.

Thanks to canonical tags or canonicalization that can solve all such issues which could affect your website’s progress. They notify search engines on which version of the page they should select for indexing and where to consolidate for link equity. In certain case, if you fail to specify a canonical URL, search engines will do the needful on their own and this could impact adversely your website.

If many websites have copied your content, they could threaten your search engine rankings. This could cause a sudden decrease in website traffic, affect website revenue, and hamper your site’s popularity.

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Just like other seo services Canberra, canonicalization is also important especially if you have an eCommerce store.