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How To Keep Your Car Looking Showroom New With Car Detailing?

The showroom is a beautiful place, and the cars within it look like they’re ready to be driven immediately. But how do you get your car to look like that? For starters, you can’t just keep your car in the garage. You need to clean it regularly if you want it to stay in good condition and have that “brand new” appearance. So what’s involved with South Melbourne Car Detailing your vehicle? Let’s take a look:

Cleaning the Interior

  • Use a vacuum to clean the interior. It’s best to start with the floor mats and work your way up to the seats, using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner if you have one.
  • Clean each seat with a microfiber cloth dampened with water, or use an all-purpose cleaner like Simple Green if you want something more powerful than plain water (but still gentle). Don’t forget about those little places between seats where dirt can hide!
  • Use an all-purpose cleaning solution car–dashboards and cup holders included! Just make sure not to get any of this stuff onto leather surfaces; it’ll damage them pretty quickly!

Washing, Waxing, and Polishing the Exterior

Now that you’ve removed the dirt and debris from your car, it’s time to wash it. The first step is always the same: use a quality car wash soap. This will help remove any remaining residue left behind by the clay bar, as well as get rid of any wax or polish in your paint. Next up is waxing–you want a high-quality wax that won’t leave streaks or spots after application. Finally, apply polish (or another type of shine enhancer) with a microfiber towel to give your ride an extra bit of pop!

Cleaning the Engine Bay

The engine bay is a dirty place. The oil, grease and dirt can build up over time and make your car look like it’s been through a war zone. Don’t worry though; there are some easy ways to clean this area!

If you have a soft brush or cotton cloth, use it to gently remove any dirt from the engine block itself. If there’s any oil or grease on your car’s engine parts (like its exhaust pipes) then use soap and water on them before using a damp cloth or sponge with warm water in order not only clean off all that nasty grime but also prevent any paint damage caused by chemicals used in other products such as cleaners or waxes that may be too strong for certain surfaces found within your vehicle’s undercarriage area.

Detailing your car is necessary to keep it looking showroom new.

If you want to keep your car looking showroom new, detailing is an essential part of the process. Even if it’s just for a few years and then you’ll be selling it anyway, there are plenty of reasons why South Melbourne Car Detailing is worth doing. For example:

  • The resale value of a well-detailed car will be higher than one that hasn’t been detailed at all or only has been through a quick wash job.
  • Detailing helps prevent corrosion from forming on painted surfaces (which can happen over time).
  • Detailing improves visibility in foggy conditions by removing dirt from windshields and windowsills so that light comes through better when needed most!


If you want your car to look showroom new, it’s important to detail it regularly. This will help keep the interior clean and shiny, prevent rust from forming on the exterior and protect against scratches in the engine bay.