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Realities About Augmented Reality Shopping

The fashion retail industry is embracing augmented reality with proactive promotions and advertising focused at reaching their target consumers. This article takes you through the 8 main realities relevant to augmented reality shopping, the motivations behind using augmented reality shopping and how it can shift brand reputation.

Augmented reality (AR), also sometimes called mixed reality, is the technology that makes it possible for virtual objects or virtual content to exist in a person’s physical world. Consumers can now utilise AR to search through products in their home or on the internet and find their needs. Essential steps when shopping with AR include getting a good pair of glasses, knowing your location, and having a presence detector like Apple’s ARKit.

Benefits of Augmented Reality Shopping

Some stores have already started to employ augmented reality in their shopping experiences. If a store has limited quantities of a particular item, they can tell the customer how many they have at that time and show more in a different part of the store. Some stores also use augmented reality to show off a product’s appearance on a person.
Augmented Reality Shopping is a technology that integrates computer-generated images into a real-life setting. An AR device would be used to show you the perfect dress, skin care routine, or accessories in your home before purchasing them.

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Pros and Cons of Retailers Using Augmented Reality

Stores like Best Buy and Amazon have both implemented augmented reality strategies in a way that creates enormous digital combinations of products. Many people are excited about the possibility using this technology because they believe it can lead to more clicks, spending, and immersion. Despite the fact that there is significant potential for augmented reality to consume our time, some retailers are experiencing difficulties. Postural disorientation, eye strain, and lack of social sharing when looking at their products all seem to be realities of this phenomenon.

Impact of Blending Physical and Digital World

Augmented Reality (AAR) is an interactive experience that blends the physical and digital world. AAR can stream films, performance footage, presentations, or games onto any surface using a head-mounted display. In many stores like Ted Brands, LG Electronics and Best Buy, this has led to radical changes in the business of retail as they use AAR to make their products become more lifelike.

How can I get involved in AR eCommerce?

Augmented reality is a new platform that overlays virtual text and images on top of the physical world. AR shopping apps allow shops to deploy standout campaigns that use technology in innovative ways to create both hype and value. For example, Domino’s launched an app that you could stream video to, where you can watch as the dough is mixed right before your very eyes!


Hope you found the blog informative to know about the basic truths about augmented reality shopping that you should know before jumping in. We hope they help you make a clearer decision as to whether or not AR technology is the best option for your company.