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Smart Tips to Build an Outdoor Bar from Concrete Blocks

Want to give an exclusive touch to your backyard? That too within your estimated budget! It is time to build a bar of high quality concrete. You can easily enjoy the fun of an outdoor bar without going through high complicacies.

Bar Made of Aggregate Concrete will Withstand Any Weather

The time has come to take advantage of high quality cinder blocks along with glassware and towels. This bar made up of superfluous aggregate concrete in Adelaide will stand still in all types of weather conditions including strong winds and dreary weather.

You can grab a suitable partner and put your gloves altogether to come up with an exclusive construction. Prior beginning, it will be a good idea to determine the width along with location for the outdoor bar. Once done with assembling, painting parts of bar legs with water-based paint will give a finishing touch.

Things Required for Starting the Project

What you need to start with your project? Below are some important tools and materials that must not be missed out at any cost:

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Tape measurement
  • Sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Blocks (both half cement and full cement)
  • Concrete glue
  • Tape and screws

Once done with assembling all tools, it is time to start with the building procedure.

How to Start with the Building of the Bar?

Building a bar of exclusive quality concrete in Adelaide is not at all a big challenge as it seems. Below are step by step directions that will help you to come out with the desired construction:

  • Setting up of blocks – For building up the base, it is preferable to lay out the blocks properly. As you will be building two legs for your bar, it is essential to adhere blocks with concrete glue.

The more distance you keep between legs, more you need to stretch. Once you decide and done with the project, it will be better to have concrete blocks on either side. The glue must be left for drying.

  • Cutting of the bar top – For cutting the bar top, you need to stack and tape together boards. You must ensure that the cutting takes place from opposite ends. Boards must span the overall length of concrete base, reserving the leftovers. Braces must be screwed at each end of the bar top.
  • Installing of bar aprons – To install bar aprons, the length measurement you are about to take must be accurate. After done with the cutting, they must be attached at the front and back to the bar top with aggregate concrete in Adelaide. Pre-drilling of all holes and sanding all edges is recommended for best outcome.
  • Painting and setting bar top – Now is the turn of painting the bar top with desired colour. After successful application of colour, it must be set for drying. Glue made of concrete in Adelaide must be used for attaching the top to bar legs.

Finally, it is the time to add some finishing touch! Once glue has dried, it must be filled with goodies. You may place a bottle of wine along with napkins and cups in the cubbies of the block. For natural look, you may fill the bar with plants.

You can enjoy a good time in your own bar without leaving the comfort of your home.