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Bariatric Shower Chair

Things To Consider When Choosing A Bariatric Shower Chair

People with disabilities can use Bariatric Shower Chair with confidence in a comfortable private space. It should be able to support a person sitting still. You need to have a wide stance to make it easier to move. Bariatric equipment is ideal for disabled bathrooms. This allows you to take a shower or bath without getting out of bed or using a wheelchair. In addition, they offer many other benefits—the possibility to sit comfortably and keep personal belongings within easy reach.

Here is what to look for when choosing the bariatric shower chair:

  • Adjustable Height

Most shower chairs have height-adjustable legs, but you should check this before you buy. Adjustable legs allow you to adjust the height of your seat to the most comfortable level. This allows you to sit comfortably without stressing or “falling” on your joints. The range of height that a chair can reach varies from chair to chair, so be sure to check the specifications and select the seat that suits your individual needs.

  • Weight Limit

Most shower chairs have a significant weight limit — up to 400 pounds, like the deluxe aluminium bath chairs. Therefore, it is important to know how stable the chair needs to be. Some obesity chairs can hold up to substantial weight, but these can be more expensive. First, identify the required weight limit and then buy a chair to support the required weight.

  • Design

There are some matters to don’t of regarding the layout of your bariatric bath chair. Some fashions have wheels that make it smooth to switch sufferers inside and outside of the bathe. These chairs have locking casters that save the chair from transferring at the same time as in the bathe.

Other chairs, however, really have safe-grip toes that preserve the chair from transferring round the bathe. These chairs, however, have to be lifted inside and outside of the bathe to be removed. That being said, don’t forget the load of the chair you desire to buy. The Deluxe Bariatric Bath Bench, for example, simplest weighs six pounds, making it smooth to transport.

  • Anti-Slip

It is a problem for an 80-year-old aunt to sit in a chair and cool with cold or hot water. Usually, she needs someone to help her get up. On slippery floors, unstable legs tend to bend or break accidentally. When she falls or slips on the marble floor, she becomes immobile. According to experts, oldies should use sturdy and reliable non-slip chairs. On the other hand, if you want to relax while taking a bath, you have to change your position.

A multifunctional bariatric chair with a foldable back protects you from injury. Remove the extra backrest so she can lean forward or lie down to flush the water. Simple seating tools are always an advantage for oldies who are not versatile with complex chairs and stools. The convertible shower chair with a backrest is super lightweight and durable.

Finally, some bariatric shower chair do not have a backrest, others have fixed support, and some shower chairs have a reclining option. If you need the reclining feature of a chair, you will have to pay a premium for a chair with this design feature.