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What Are The Most Strategic Places To Fit Grab Rails?

This might come as just bathroom accessories for many people but for those who have elderly people or disabled people at home, know the importance of these neglected bathroom accessories. They know that there are even specially designed Disabled Grab Rail to make sure that they can help the disabled ones more effectively.

Having Shower Grab Rails may not be that effective, what makes that more effective and functional is the location you choose to get them fitted. Placing them without giving a thought to the special individual requirements would be a waste of money and also these grab rails wouldn’t be of much help.

Shower Grab Rails

Here are some of the most strategic locations in the bathroom that you must consider if you are planning to fit the grab rails.

On The Side of Bathtub

Many fashionable tubs, such as free-standing tubs, tubs with decks, and sunken tubs, do not come with built-in grab bars, but homeowners should think about their comfort and safety when choosing these sorts of fixtures for their bathrooms. To assist users in maintaining their balance when stepping in or out of the tub, grab bars can be added near the rims on each side of the tub or near the controls.


The last thing that may come up to your mind is fitting the grab rails in the wall aside from the toilet. There is a drastic difference in your motor skills, stability and mobility and elderly or disabled people. They may need extra support to stand on their feet after they have used the toilet. You would not mind offering the hand but are they comfortable with it?

Walk-in Showers

This is a no-brainer and the most preferable location to get the grab rails fitted. Walk-showers are one of the most dangerous posing spaces in the bathroom as they induce the chances of slipping and losing balance as the floors are wet and these people might have an issue with body stability. It is not possible for you to be present every time to support them when they bathe. This increases the sense of dependence in the elderly and disabled people which can impact their mental health due to not being able to carry out routine stuff on their own.

They may not say it given you care and concern but the long term impact of it could not be neglected. Instead, providing them supportive bathroom accessories like the grab rails or foldable shower seats would not only provide them extra support and increase their independence but also provide you with the needed peace of mind when they are using the shower.

All of these may be the most strategic locations but you also have to pay close attention to the needs of your elderly people. Observe in what places they are looking for something to hold on to, you can then make sure to fit the shower grab rails in all such locations to provide them support access at exactly the place where they need it.