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7 Car Service Mistakes you Should Avoid

Do you also are among the ones who blame your busy life for not being able to service your car on time? Well, it is normal, but overlooking the need for more than reasonable time would only lead to part replacement and expensive repairs, which would drain a good amount of your hard-earned money which you would have invested in the service at Kia used car dealers Melbourne instead. 

Here are seven such Kia car service Melbourne that you must stop making right away if you want your car to run smoothly for a long time. 

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  • Neglecting Oil Changes

There is a very specific frequency and interval of oil changes is based on the manufacturer’s manual as well as a mechanic recommendation as per the condition of your car. Skipping an oil change thinking that you can reduce the amount of money spent at the mechanic’s is causing build up in the engine and damaging its parts.

  • Overlooking Wheel Alignment 

Tires are the last things that you are worried about until you find the reduced air pressure or a puncture. Apart from that, the driver often ignores the wheel alignment. When changing the tires, you need to act upon it immediately if you do not want your car’s tread to wear unevenly.

  • Not Having The Car Wash

There are a lot of things that might have stuck to the outer surface of your car, running from salt, chemicals and mud. It blunts the paint and can cause rust if not removed immediately. Regular visits to the car wash would help protect the paint on your car by getting rid of all these elements.

  • Not Inspecting Fluid Levels

The best possible way to keep your car in great condition for a long is to check the liquid level regular (preferably monthly) and replenish it as needed as the low fluid levels can cause engine damage and induce other problems. The car owner’s manual would help you with how to check engine oil, washer fluid, brake fluid, coolant, power steering fluid and more.

  • Not Checking Tire Pressure

Just avoiding flat tyres is not the only reason or enough to check tire pressure regularly. It also has to do with fuel consumption. Under-inflated tyres increase fuel consumption to a great extent. Make sure to utilise the fuel gauge every few months according to your owner’s manual.

  • Not Knowing Odd Noises

There is a variety of noise – Rattling, popping and squeaking that your car would make over time, and each of them has specific significance. Suppose you hear any of these strange noises while driving gets your car inspected by the mechanic as soon as possible. Remember that a car cannot heal itself; you would need to need to do it.

  • Ignoring Check Engine

Engine problems are quite expensive; any of the above mistakes would eventually lead to engine problems of some sort. Make sure to get kia car service Melbourne regularly or get it inspected professionally to detect any problem at the earliest.