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Important questions to ask before hiring any building inspector

Properties can have damages that you might not realise from the outside hence building inspection is an important part of the property selling and buying to keep future issues away. It does not matter if your home is newly built or it is old, it can still have defects and problems. If you are planning to go for building inspections then it is important that you ask the right questions to the Building Inspector Werribee so, that you don’t meet up with future issues.

Keep on reading the blog to read about the important questions that you should ask without fail before hiring any building inspector!

Building Inspections Werribee

  • Are they certified?

The certified company always sends an experienced building inspector to get the work done accurately. Choose the building inspection that is approved to do the guaranteed work so, that there is no further thing to look ahead. The certified firm is experienced to work with all types of small and big businesses to offer satisfactory results.

  • How will they fix the issue?

Working technique says all the things. If the firm uses the right technique to inspect the damage and repair then it is the firm on whom you can rely and trust.

  • Do they have a good rating online?

Many building inspection firms just have a few internet reviews or testimonials that they may have produced themselves on their own website. Prefer a 5-star rating on Google and also check multiple recommendations in the majority of the social sites and other websites. Check out Google reviews for additional information.

  • Do they use a reputed contractor for the inspection?

Many building inspection firms hire contractors to conduct their inspections, and they take half of your money and give the other half to the contractor for the inspection and report. We conduct all of our inspections in-house and will never hire outside contractors to check your home!

  • Do they generate genuine reports?

Other building inspection businesses’ reports are frequently filled with up to 100 template pages, with only a few pages of genuine defect information. Don’t spend your time with useless template pages, focus on the main requirement that you actually need. First priority should be generating a genuine report. So, ask what methods they follow to generate reports.

  • How long do they take to generate reports?

Many building inspectors take 2-3 days to provide their reports, and some may deliver within 24 hours or the same day. It is important to ask all the necessary questions to ask your building inspector, to understand the inspection project properly. To make sure they are skilled, qualified and experienced, it’s crucial to consider specific factors on a serious note. Because once hired, your building inspector will help evaluate the entire property and protect you from future expenses and stress that can happen from a serious structural defect.


Property is the most valuable and life-long investment so, begin with asking all important questions to get the most out of the House Inspections Melton project. Consider all the essential factors to begin with the safe home inspection.