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Finding The Best Skateboards: A Guide To Old School Again

old school skateboards

Is it time to dust off your old-school skateboards and hit the streets again? For some, skateboarding is all really just about the moment, who influences it and why. But there’s nothing wrong with taking a look at how you can bring back old-style down memory lane. This guide explains how you can find an old school skateboard that is in good condition if it’s been sitting around a while. It includes information on what makes up a great old-school skateboard and why.

Types of old school skateboards

In the past, skateboarding was often considered “just for kids.” But in recent years people of all ages have been skating again! Old school skateboards are great for kids, teens, and older users because it’s still a novel idea to skate as an adult. While there are many types of modern-day skateboards, true old-school males come in two basic forms: flat and downhill boards. Flat boards were most prevalent on the first half of the 20th century. These were generally 8 feet long with one step and came with either single or double kick tails. They had glass, wood, or metal in the bottom and were meant to help rebound on hills. Downhill boards are more specialized than flat ones; they’re typically 12-15 inches wide and 24+ inches long but will vary depending on personal preference or rider skillset. They’re made out of plywood so they can take abuse when being thrown down curbs and ramps on city streets. That said, these sports equipment pieces are somewhat easy to make without any expertise required. For example, you might be able to get a friend who works at a market or even borrow your dad’s paper cutter if needed! Make sure to check out local craft stores for

1. Comparisons between old school skateboards

New school skateboards keep getting better and better, but there’s something about old school that truly brings joy back into your daily skateboarding. The components are stronger, the wheels last longer, and the decks are simply amazing to have in your arsenal.

2. Pros and Cons of old school skateboards

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new or used skateboard. You should consider size and shape among other important factors. Old school skateboards can be bigger than today’s decks, but that means they’re built to last. The oak wood shapes offer unmatched durability and prevent warping. There’s also the interaction between rider and board that makes the old school the most loved type of skateboard. With the non-lip texture decking, it feels good to grip and release your ride effortlessly.

old school skateboards


Skateboarding comes in different styles so you should test out multiple options before purchasing one to ensure they fit well with your style. If your skateboard is old and makes weird noises and sometimes grinds at a weird angle. then it’s time to purchase an old school skateboard.