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How to use Defibrillator accurately – Emergency Advice!

Even a second of delay in reaching help can take an innocent life away.

You can help a cardiac arrest victim with defibrillator Australia. It’s easy to use and can help a person restore normal breathing, responsiveness, and consciousness.

Do you know many people own a defibrillator but don’t know how to use it in an emergency?

This situation is worse than not having a defibrillator because you are not able to provide help to a person even when you have one in your hand.

This blog will help you to learn how to use a defibrillator and how can you save one life.

Defibrillator Australia

So let’s begin!

Step #1.

After discovering that a person is having a cardiac arrest, call the emergency number while you start the CPR. You can tell the professionals that you have a defibrillator but don’t know how to use it.

Put your phone on speaker so that you can begin the CPR

Step #2.

They might tell you to turn on the defibrillator by pressing the green button

Peel off the pads and stick them on the patient’s chest (one on each side of the chest)

Ensure that the first pad is on the upper right side right below the collar bone

The second pad should be on the left side below the armpit

Step #3.

The defibrillator will test the heart rhythm. At this moment, stop the CPR and ensure that there is enough space near the patient’s body. The machine will start indicating verbally and visually and you should pay attention to it carefully.

If the machine is indicating that a shock is needed, press the shock button. After this, the machine will tell you to prolong the CPR for at least 2 minutes.

If it indicates no shock is needed, keep the CPR continue for 2 minutes before the machine re-analyses

Step #4.

Notice if there are any recovery signs like normal breathing, eyes are opening, coughing, or talking. If the response is positive, but the causality in the recovery position and if not, keep on going with defibrillator’s indications and CPR until the help reaches.

Step #5.

Take the patient to the hospital as soon as the ambulance reaches and tries to reach their family members.

There are 90% chances of saving lives if you have a Defibrillator Australia.

Generally, all defibrillators are the same, but it’s ideal to check the model design and working before applying the above steps.

A defibrillator can become handy only if you keep yourself calm and focused. It doesn’t matter what people around you are saying if you have a defibrillator and aware of the right technique.

Most of the defibrillator machines are compact and be carried everywhere. You never know when a person might need your help; therefore, having a defibrillator in your bag is a no brainer.

Online, you can find various retailers of defibrillator but only go for the robust, durable, and functional machine. Always choose an online store, which is known for the quality of defibrillator machines and trusted by dozens of buyers. So go ahead one buy the best defibrillator Australia.