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Maximise Your Home Buying Potential: Utilising a Borrowing Power Calculator

Are you in the market for a new home but feeling unsure about how much you can afford? It’s a common problem that many home buyers face. You don’t want to waste your time looking at homes that are outside of your budget, but it’s hard to know what that budget is without doing some research.

That’s where a borrowing power calculator comes in. With just a few pieces of information, the calculator can give you an idea of how much money you may be able to borrow for a home loan. 

In this article, we’ll explore how borrowing power works and how using a calculator can help maximise your home buying potential.

Understanding Your Borrowing Power

Before applying for a home loan, it’s necessary to understand your borrowing power. Essentially, this is the maximum amount of money that lenders are willing to lend you based on your financial situation. Factors such as your income, expenses, credit score, and existing debts all play a role in determining your borrowing power.

Having a clear understanding of your borrowing power can help you determine the type of home you can afford and avoid applying for loans that are out of reach. It can also help you negotiate with lenders and get better interest rates and loan terms. 

borrowing power calculator

How a Borrowing Power Calculator Can Help

If you’re considering buying a home, it’s important to know what you can afford before you start house-hunting. This is where a borrowing power calculator can be incredibly useful. A borrowing power calculator takes into account your income, expenses, and other financial commitments to estimate how much money a lender may be willing to lend you.

By using a borrowing power calculator, you can avoid the disappointment of falling in love with a home that’s out of your price range. 

Using the Calculator: Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you understand what affects your borrowing power and how a borrowing power calculator works, let’s take a look at using it step-by-step:

Step 1: Go to a reliable online borrowing power calculator. Choose one that is user-friendly and provides clear instructions.

Step 2: Enter your income details, including your gross income per year. This should include overtime payments, bonuses and other sources of income.

Step 3: Enter your monthly expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, credit card bills, car loans and other loans.

Step 4: Input any dependents you have along with their age group. This will include children who are financially dependent on you.

Step 5: Add in the amount of savings you have available for a deposit. This will help the calculator determine how much money you need to borrow from the lender.

Step 6: Once all the required fields are filled in, click on ‘calculate’. The results should be instantaneous and give you an estimate of how much borrowing power you have based on your financial situation.

This step-by-step guide should help make using a borrowing power calculator easier and less daunting. 


In conclusion, utilising a borrowing power calculator can significantly enhance your home buying potential. With this knowledge in hand, you can confidently embark on your journey towards homeownership with the assurance that you are making informed choices that align with your financial goals and objectives.