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What is Sharia Compliant Pensions & what you should need to know about it?

People are all about being savvier when it comes to planning their pensions. Now, if you’re a party planner and kind of stuck for creative ways to make money, sharia-compliant pension Melbourne might be just what you’re looking for. Learn all about what they are and how to find them by reading this article.

What is Sharia Compliant Pensions?

Sharia Compliant Pensions are a type of savings account that give income tax deduction and pension benefits to those who follow the Muslim faith. The money saved with these pensions is compulsorily invested in takaful, which is a type of insurance. The interest that is earned on these funds goes towards buying insurance units.

A Sharia Compliant Pension Plan makes life easier for Muslims when planning for their retirement.

Why would someone choose a Sharia Compliant Pension?

Pensions are a great way for people to plan for their retirement years. These types of pensions adhere to Sharia law, which is a code of Islamic law. Sharia-compliant pensions provide people with benefits and protection according to their own values, such as not requiring employees or themselves to pay funds directly.

Sometimes it is better to have nothing but part of a pension.

The general rule, according to PPHF, is to have either one or two pensions. The first should have a legacy fund that can accumulate money under the contract of employment, and this money is usually invested in liquid alternatives. A second will be used for a final salary pension. It should also be possible for that person to develop savings in order to provide for their future financial needs.

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How to identify and find a Sharia Compliant Pension

Sharia Compliant Pensions may sound like an oxymoron, but they’re very real, and your retirement can be more secure if you invest in one. Most of the retirement plans across the world follow Sharia law in one way or another when handling their finances and assets. If you are unsure of the regulations surrounding your pension plan, check with practitioners to help identify and find a Sharia Compliant Pension plan for your retiree.

Examples of where to find Sharia Compliant Pensions

Pensions are a way to help one’s retirement meet their financial goals. With this in mind, many companies incorporate Sharia Compliant pensions with Islamic values at the forefront. For example, Bahrain is rated as the easiest country to receive a Sharia Compliant pension in. The country has no legal requirement for a public pension scheme, but citizenship is not required. This means that non-citizens can receive pensions paid for by the government and guaranteed by the nation’s Social Security Fund.

 Now created after a few years’ Sharia Compliant Pensions are offered to Belgian citizens from a Muslim background. The country enables foreign nationals to apply and receive several different types of Islamic finance-based retirement plans.


Sharia-compliant pensions are similar to what you would get if you were self-employed, which allows for more flexibility when it comes to pension contributions.