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Defibrillator – Some Common FAQs

Did you know more than 15,000 people die every year from cardiac arrest in Australia? You can blame the poor lifestyle, lack of physical activities, or anything for that, but things can be changed with a useful Defibrillator. It’s a machine that has proven to be useful reviving cardiac arrest patients before even reaching help. You might have seen the “defibrillator for sale” section on many online websites and have wondered what it is.

Today, we will familiarise you with the most common yet important FAQs of the AED machine.

Defibrillator For Sale

What is the Full form of AED?

AED a.k.a. ‘defib’ stands for Automatic External Defibrillator.

What do you mean by Defibrillation?

Defibrillation is nothing but a process of attempting to bring the heartbeat of a cardiac arrest victim normal. It saves lives by providing electric shocks to the patient.

What is the role of an AED?

An AED electric shocks the heart of a person who is having a cardiac arrest and helps to bring back the heartbeat to a normal rhythm.

How AED works?

The AED will deliver electric shocks once it has detected abnormal heartbeat through electrode pads. The shock disrupts irregular heart rhythm and gives a chance to pace the normal heartbeat and pumps blood in the body again. Whether you have bought your machine from “Defibrillator For Sale or from anywhere, all will work the same.

How can I use AED?

It’s simple to use an AED device. Open the pads and turn on the device. Put the pads on the chest of the casualty and the machine will automatically start giving you the instructions. To ensure that the procedure works properly, try giving CPR when needed. This will keep the heart ready for a shock.

Can AED be dangerous to use?

No! AED is a useful machine that can and has saved numerous lives with its capability to diagnose whether or not a person is having a cardiac arrest and provide instant shock treatment. If a person is conscious, but the heartbeat is normal, the machine will indicate “do not shock.” In case the heartbeat is abnormal, the device will indicate you to press the shock button. Therefore, an AED will not shock a person who is not having a cardiac arrest.

Do I need proper training for using AED?

No, you don’t need any specialized training for using AED pads. The voice assistance tells you everything you need to do. However, you can opt for professional training to boost your confidence in using AED and perform CPR when the cardiac arrest victim is recovering from AED. Plus, AED training helps to understand what is the right position to place AED pads on the chest?

Is AED safe to use on children?

Yes, children over 8 years are safe to use adult AED on. However, you can find special AEDs for children under years as well. The adult AEDs’ placement is different than the children’s AED and most of the AEDs have child-safe mode, which adjusts the strength of electric shock to be compatible with a child.

NOTE: AED is recommended for the kids under the age of 1-year.

Is AED safe to use on pregnant women?

Absolutely, if a pregnant woman is having a cardiac arrest, using an AED is safe to use.

Now that you have known all the answers, it’s time to visit the ‘Defibrillator For Sale Australia’ section to make your purchase and save lives.