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Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo Booth Pictures

A good photo booth can be a great way to get all of your guests in the mood to celebrate, and it’s also an easy way to capture memories you’ll want to look back on for years to come. To make sure your photos are perfect, though, you’ll need the right equipment and a few helpful tips for getting people into the right positions and taking good shots.

Here are some tips from Cheap Photo Booth Hire Sydney service that will help ensure that every person in your photo booth looks great:

Top 5 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo Booth Pictures

Pose Solo or Share the Moment

Whether you choose to go solo or partner up with a friend, family member or pet, it’s important to make sure that you’re having fun in your photo booth photos. A great way to do this is to show off some personality by striking a pose that makes you smile and laugh!

Mimic funny faces from a famous movie or TV show, try out a dance move (or two), turn on your best game face for the camera—whatever it takes for you to enjoy yourself and have fun!

It’s all about capturing those moments when we let our guard down and let our true selves shine through.

Use Props That Are Outside of the Box

Props are the perfect way to get your guests in on the fun and add a bit of personality to their photos. But if you’re going to use props, they should be interesting and unique, so they stand out against the backdrop.

We don’t recommend using any prop that could be considered “the ordinary” or typical—a box of chocolates, flowers, or balloons will not make for an interesting photo booth picture! Instead, use props that match your theme—for example: If you get Cheap Photo Booth Hire Sydney service for a 70s theme party, then throw in some disco ball glitter or have an old-fashioned record player set up with vinyl records as well as some classic rock tee shirts in black-and-white packages. Or, if it’s Halloween time, then get creative with scary characters like Frankenstein or Dracula!

One of our favourite ideas is using props that make people laugh—this will help keep them engaged since laughter is contagious! You can also try posing them together with funny signs like “Say Cheese!”

Strike a Pose and Vogue

  • Before you take the photo, strike a pose with your friends and family.
  • Look at the camera, not at the screen. Make sure to smile! You’re in a photo booth—it’s okay to look like you’re having fun!
  • Keep it simple: no props or elaborate poses are required. If there are other people in your pictures, make sure that everyone is looking directly into the camera lens so their eyes will appear sharp and clear (as opposed to blurry from being off-angle). Remember that most cameras need about 10 seconds of lighting before they take a picture; use this time to adjust yourself and get ready for your shot!
  • Use a timer: remember to set it so that there aren’t any short delays between each shot, which could cause participants not to be completely still when they’re supposed to be smiling or making another facial expression. In addition, check whether there’s an option for “burst mode” or continuous shooting—this can help ensure that every participant has one good image taken during each session instead of only two or three bad ones.”

Keep It Classy

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  •  As you’re picking out props, don’t go too cheesy. You’ll want to avoid props that are too similar to the theme of the event since they’ll distract from your theme rather than enhance it.

If you have guests who are dressed up for Halloween, for example, then get them a few terrifying or silly props that fit in with their costumes.

  • Test out any prop before taking it into your photo booth—you don’t want anything falling apart while people are trying to pose with it! Also, make sure that whatever prop you choose is not difficult (or impossible) to hold: if someone holds a large stuffed animal over their head and smiles at their phone camera all night long, they’re going to be tired by the end of it!

Finally, consider how heavy your prop is: if someone has two giant swords and wants one in each hand while posing with them at once, they may find themselves struggling after half an hour!

Colour or Black and White Photos

For the most part, black and white photos are more classic. Colour photos are more vibrant and can be used as a background for your photos.

Black and white, on the other hand, can be used as a background for your colour photos (and vice versa).


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips and tricks for taking the perfect photo booth pictures! Remember that the Cheap Photo Booth Hire Sydney service is all about having fun, so don’t stress if things don’t go according to plan.


The most important thing is that you enjoy yourself while getting silly with friends or family at your event.