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Why Is Having a Photo Booth at Your University a Good Idea?

One of the most important things for a university to do is to keep its students excited about what’s going on at school. And how better to do that than by offering them something fun? That’s why we think Photo Booth Hire Sydney is an amazing idea for your university. It will:

Top Reasons Why You Should Have Photo Booth at Your University?

Booth Fun

Do you know what’s fun? Have your friends with you and photos to prove it. When you’re at university, it can be easy to forget that the world is bigger than just yourself.

There are so many places to go and things to do, so why not make a point of having your friends there with you every step of the way? A Photo Booth Hire Sydney will encourage them to stay by your side because they’ll want to pose for pictures together.

If there’s anyone who knows how important memories are, it’s me! And I’m sure that most of us have those old photos lying around somewhere on Facebook or Instagram—but they don’t begin to compare with real printed ones in our hands. It’s really hard not being able to pick up something tangible after all these years (especially when you think about how much social media has changed).


A photo booth is a great way to capture memories. Photo booths offer a fun way to commemorate your event, and they can become the centrepiece of many festivities. The photos that are created in your photo booth are a fantastic way for attendees to remember their time at your university, whether they’re students themselves or visitors who live elsewhere.

If you want to add some pizzazz to an event or commemorate the moment with something more than just words, then having a photo booth at your university is definitely worth considering. Not only will this provide attendees with an exciting experience during their visit, but it also makes for excellent marketing materials as well!

Community Engagement

Photo Booth Hire Sydney

A photo booth is a great way to engage with the community. Not only is it fun to see people getting involved, but it’s a great way to get people to interact with each other. Because you don’t have to worry about being judged or photographed incorrectly, people will feel more comfortable taking photos when they’re not being judged. These types of events can also help bring different groups together on campus through shared experiences and memories.

More Than Just a Photo Booth

You may be thinking that a photo booth is just a photo booth, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually so much more than that!

  • A party booth
  • An event booth
  • A fun booth
  • A family booth


There are many reasons why Photo Booth Hire Sydney is a great idea for your university. One of the main reasons is that it adds excitement to an event, which can be hard to do when you’re having hundreds of people come together in one place. A photo booth is also a great way for guests to interact with each other, as well as the hosts of the event and even their surroundings.

This interaction creates memories that will make all attendees feel like they had an amazing time at your university’s function!


At the end of the day, we hope that you have a better understanding of why adding photo booths to your events is such an exciting idea. It’s not just about taking photos—it’s also about creating memories and building community